In an environment of rapid change and movement, forward motion will happen.

It can either be intentionally managed with a clear vision,

or unguided and detract from your goals and bottom line.

Giffords & Miller Solutions is a boutique consulting firm

providing effective and practical business solutions

focused on minimizing chaos, maximizing resources,

and accomplishing business goals efficiently.

"Our definition of success is to provide sustainable solutions so we are no longer needed for the project at hand, but remain a trusted resource if and when you need us."

What We Do:


At Giffords & Miller Solutions we see challenges as a roadmap for innovation and growth. Our extensive experience in Fortune 500 Companies, private businesses and start-ups fuels our unique ability to navigate the internal dynamics, legal constraints and fixed resources that exist in every organization.  We understand best practices and can see where process improvements and structure can make a meaningful impact on achieving success goals. 


We partner with you where you need us most:


Structured Startup


Project Management

Brand & Communication 


Increase Executive Bandwidth

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”


How We Work

Our Clients recognize they need help to solve a critical business problem, are results-oriented, and are open to solutions they may not have considered.

At Our Core:

  • We believe in clear communication, defined goals, and transparency of process.

  • Alignment is the foundation of our work, and ensures consistency and balance for every part of a business we touch.  

  • We bring a relentless focus to solving problems while keeping your goals at the forefront.

  • We inherently work expeditiously without being hasty -- we want our clients to see results.

  • We have a bias against the misuse of process to create the illusion of progress. Time is precious, so working with us means clearly defined goals, no needless presentations or meetings without focus and purpose.

  • We have a solution-centric approach that is fact based, action oriented and logically sound.



Learn about Our Process

“What we actually learn, from any given set of circumstances, determines whether we become increasingly powerless or more powerful.”

(Blaine Lee)

Who We Are

"Drawing from best practices and personal experience across multiple industries, we create options that are efficient, executable, and speak to your short and long-term needs."

Wendy Giffords (read bio)

& Sara Lujan Miller (read bio)

Our Experience


As every individual is unique, so is every business.  We approach engagements with an open mind; our assessment and recommendations reflect the unique character of each client. Our solution-centric approach enables us to solve problems regardless of industry, focusing on the interpersonal and business dynamics that are universally applicable.  


We joined forces in May 2017, click here to see some of what we've done.


"Alignment" is the foundation of our approach. This is the relentless focus on bringing consistency and balance to the goals you have for your business.


Simply put, are your efforts matching up

with your goals?

Let's find out...