Working with a consultant is essentially engaging in a relationship; two parties go down a road without really knowing each other very well yet you, as the client, are at critical point and need the relationship to work.  Here’s some detail about Giffords & Miller Solutions that can help you determine if we can help.

At our Core:

  • We believe in clear communication, defined goals, and transparency of process.

  • We have a solution-centric approach that is fact based, action oriented and logically sound.

  • Alignment is the foundation of our work, and brings consistency and balance to every part of a business we touch.  

  • We bring a relentless focus to solving problems while keeping your goals top-of-mind.

  • We inherently work expeditiously without being hasty -- we want our clients to see results asap.

  • We have a bias against the misuse of process to create the illusion of progress.  Time is precious, so working with us means clearly defined goals, no needless presentations or meetings without focus and purpose.